Windows XP Password Recovery

Windows xp password recovery

To do Windows XP Password Recovery , you don’t need to use any 3rd party software or spend money to technician. Just follow this simple and working tutorial to reset your computer xp password.

Things we need to have for performing this task are :

1. Windows XP installation Disk

2. Windows XP license key

Let’s start the process for windows xp password recovery :

1. Insert windows xp installation disk into CD / DVD rom.

2. Configure computer BIOS to boot from CD / DVD Rom

3. When computer will start to boot from windows XP CD, Press ENTER.

windows xp password recovery

4. Computer will show you an agreement. Press F8 from keyboard.

windows xp password recovery

5. On following screen Press R.

windows xp password recovery

6. Computer will start to copy important file in computer. It will take couple of minute.

windows xp password recovery

7. When it done, computer will restart.

8. Press Shift + F10 key together when you see the installation progress bar. A new command prompt window will appear.

windows xp password recovery

9. Type NSURMGR.CPL and press Enter,

10. A new window will pop up,

11. Click on desire user account to remove password,

reset windows xp password

12. Computer will show you some options to change or remove password. To remove password from user account, Click on remove the  password

Reset windows xp password

13. Computer will ask you for confirmation. Click on Remove Password.

reset windows xp password

14. Close the window.

15. Type exit and press ENTER in command prompt.

reset windows xp password

16. Computer will continue to setup windows XP. It will take couple of minute.

17. When it done, boot your computer in normal settings means hard disk.

18. Now you will see the magic. Computer will not ask your password to login.

You may be like to Watch this video tutorial on how to do widows xp password recovery :

Job done.

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