Using Disk Quota

disk quota

A super cool feature Disk Quota of NTFS File System is a great utility to control disk space among users. This feature is available in any windows operating system including XP, VISTA, SEVEN & EIGHT which are support NTFS File System.

In Disk Quota, you can configure disk space for specific user. So that particular user cannot use whole disk space.

How to use Disk Quota?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to use disk quota in Windows 7. But later I will show you how to utilize this feature in Windows XP and Eight.

Using Disk Quota in windows 7

Requirement to use Disk Quota in Windows 7 are:

* Disk Partition should be in NTFS (Check How to convert partition in NTFS)

* And Administrator User Account

Let’s start the process:

1. Login to your windows 7 computer with admin user account

2. Go to Computer

3. Select the NTFS supported partition. Right mouse click on it and click on Properties

disk quota

4. Partition Properties window will open. Navigate to Quota and click on “Show Quota Settings”

Disk Quota settings

5. By default, Disk Quota is disabled.  To activate this option, click on “Enable Quota Management”.

6. To limit the disk space for user, select “limit disk space to” and type the amount of disk space that a user can use. You can configure the disk space in KB, MB, GB,TB, PB and EB.

Disk Quota Management

7. Click Apply and OK.

Disk Quota implementation has been successfully done.

From now, specified user will not be able to use whole disk space.

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