Webinar Jam is a new approach to broadcast Live Stream Event without any technical glitch. It can split screen with up to 6 HD video feeds at same time. It works like Virtual Meeting Arena. It’s where you and your co-presenters will gather and collaborate to deliver your live cast webinar to the world.

When you run your webinars with WebinarJam, every important element is contained inside what we call The JamSession Room.

You can broadcast your webcam, share your entire desktop, share just a window of a specific application, and even playback pre-recorded videos, and do it all in High Definition.

Bring in up to 6 live presenters! Unlike most applications that can only show 1 main presenters signal with a small set of thumbnails, WebinarJam can show all six presenters, neatly arranged, in full motion video.

Impress Your Audience! JamSession uses uses the latest WebRTC Live Casting Standards, and is just one of the exclusive, cutting edge technologies that sets WebinarJam far apart, You can’t get this technology ANYWHERE else.


  • All New Page Builder… Far more flexible than the current system, allowing deeper customizations of your Registration, Thank You Pages, and Replay Pages…
  • More Templates… Not only can you customize the templates we provided before, we’ve also got an extensive *new* set of templates for you to work from…
  • Password-Protected Webinars… Lock down your webinars completely with JamSession-generated unique passwords for each attendee. Or simply create a Master Password for everyone to use.
  • Present Your Slides from the Cloud…Never suffer from blurry webinars again! Upload your presentation to our High Bandwidth cloud, and give your presentation without having to gobble up your bandwidth. Presentation controls are built into right into your administrative interface to navigate your slides.
  • PLUS: Now you don’t even need powerpoint or keynote to give a webinar. You can share any kind of document with our presentation system…We handle Keynote slides, PPT slides, PDFs, Word documents, Excel, CSV files, Pages documents and more…
  • On the Air in 90 seconds. ExpressJam makes a last minute webinar or meeting a snap — just fill in three fields, and you’re On the Air!
  • Smart Preferences… Create a set of defaults to recreate your winning Live Event configurations, again and again, saving HOURS of time.
  • File Sharing… Deliver your Freemiums, Checklists, Special Gifts, HandOuts, HomeWork, Sales Brochures — anything your audience needs during the presentation!
  • Custom Integrations… WebinarJam’s key engines have been re-engineered to work seamlessly with Zapier and Sales Force. Expect even more integrations over the coming months.
  • Push the signal to Facebook Live… JamCast will allow a host of destinations, and the one we’re most excited about is Facebook Live… It will be amazing!
  • All-New Re-Designed Interface… It’s GORGEOUS–and will allow you even greater access to all your data at a glance.

To know more about webinarjam service, I would request you to visit http://www.chootech.com/2016/12/webinar-jam.html

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