Speed up Windows 7 Slow Computer

To speed up windows 7 slow computer in 3 steps follow this :

Step 1 : Msconfig (Control the start-up program during the windows 7 login)

i) login to your windows 7 computer with admin user account

ii) Click on Start from desktop and in search bar type msconfig.

iii) MSconfig window will appear

speed up windows 7 slow computer
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iv) Click on startup

v) Click on Disable All

vi) Click on Apply and OK.

Step 2 : Cleaning the unnecessary files and cookies

To delete unnecessary files and cookies, and fix your windows 7 registry file I will recommend you to use CCleaner.

Download CCleaner

To know how to use this software, please watch the video at the end of this article.

Step 3 : Disk Defragmentation (Organizing windows mess system files)

Disk defragmentation helps your computer to organize windows 7 computer files as like as index of book.

To perform disk defragmentation follow this :

i) Go to Computer in Windows 7

ii) Select the partition, Right Mouse Click on it and select properties,

iii) From Disk partition properties, click on Tools and select Defragment Now.

iv) Computer will show the partitions in your computer.

v) Select the specific partition and click on Defragment Now.

vi) Defragmentation process will start. It will take time depending on your partition size.

So keep patient.

After following this above 3 steps, restart your computer once and you will see the difference.

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