creating great content

Secret of Creating Great Content for Web Site

Nowadays  content of website become a crucial matter for website owner and search engine. Giant Google has invested million dollars for search engine website content quality. Creating great content for website is not big problem. You just need to keep certain things in mind when you are writing.

Creating Great Content – What you need to do ?

1. Unique & Original Content : When you are writing for your website or blog, keep in mind about its uniqueness & originality.  Uniqueness means something like no one has discuss about your writing topic before or not published. Originality means that you are the owner of your article and you didn’t copied from others.

2. Different writing style for creating great content : Different writing style means presentation of your article.

As a example: if you are going to write about tutorial then you can easily use some picture and videos in your article. Your article will be become unique and different from others writers.

3. Ask yourself Who You Are ?

Sometime writers forget who they are and why they are ? So it is better if you ask yourself who you are ? It will helps to know yourself and creating great content for website and visitors.

creating great content

4. Are you satisfied or not ?

After writing your article, try to read as a general reader. When you are reading your article try to find out this following things :

i. Is your article easily readable ?

ii. Sentences of your article simple or complex ?

iii. Do you find any spelling error ?

iiv. Web or Blog layout disturb your visitors ?

V. Your article for SEO or Visitors ?

v. What you get in your face : Smile , Question mark or Confusion ?

I hope this question answer will help you to write great content for your website.

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