responsive html5 template

Responsive HTML5 Template with CSS3 – Free Download

What is Responsive HTML5 Template?

Answer: HTML5 is a new update of html coding for web development. It comes with extra and easy functionality from the previous version of html4. Some cool tag feature such as <header>, <nav> <section>, <article>, <aside>, <footer> make it more comprehensive.

On the other hand “Responsive” comes with auto adjustability feature. It means that any website based in html5 will be auto adjusted according to web browser devices without breaking website outlook.

You can learn more about HTML5 and Responsive Website at

I had created some Responsive HTML5 with CSS3 Template just for fun. If you like, you can download the source files and complete template for FREE.

Free download responsive html5 Template with css3 from emdadblog.

Responsive HTML5 template with CSS3 – Basic Maintenance Page

responsive html5 template

Download Basic Maintenance Page from below box :

EB- HTML5 Responsive Maintenance Template Basic
EB- HTML5 Responsive Maintenance Template Basic
EB- HTML5 Responsive Maintenance Template
Version: 1.0
692.7 KiB

More templates will be added in future…….

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