Organizing Windows 8 Files & Folders

Microsoft latest released operating system Windows 8 comes with extra features and functionality. Before the final release of windows 8, many of us already have seen and explore the features. Among the other cool features; you might have noticed a feature in organizing windows 8 files and folders.

When you right mouse click and navigate to sort by in folders, you will see:

organizing windows 8 files

By default, you will get only few options to organize windows 8 files and folders such as:

  • Name
  • Date Modified
  • Type
  • Size
  • Ascending
  • Descending

But if you want you can organize windows 8 folders and files in more comprehensive ways like adding this feature:

  • Account Name
  • Album
  • Album ID
  • Anniversary
  • Attachments
  • Author
  • Billing Information
  • Birthday
  • Business Address
  • Business City
  • Business Country
  • Business county
  • Business FAX
  • Business P.O Box
  • Business Phone
  • By location
  • Call Back Number
  • Car Phone
  • Children
  • Comments
  • Computer
  • Copyright
  • Email Address
  • Post Code
  • Word Count
  • And many more……
To add this above feature in your context menu for organizing Windows 8 Files and Folders follow this:

i) Right mouse click on your mouse

ii) Go to Sort by and click on more

iii) New window will open. Check in the options that you want to use.

iv) For this tutorial, I am going to add some feature such as Anniversary, Authors and Birthday.

organizing windows 8 files

v) Click on OK

vi) Job done.

If you again click on right mouse and navigate to Sort by, you will see the new function has already added.

organizing windows 8 files

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