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MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

Normally Apple does not allow to read its hard disk drive to other OS platform such as Windows. If you try to add your apple MAC system hard disk to windows computer, you will not be able to access the hard disk event you can’t read it. But don’t worry. Nothing is impossible (except some subjects), if you want to do MAC data recovery from windows computer, you can do it. And I am going to show you how to do it from A to Z steps.

Important : This tutorial is applicable if your Apple Macbook Pro or other editions MAC computer not working such as laptop or desktop not turning on, screen is black and other related issues.

You cannot utilize this tutorial for MAC data recovery, if your hard disk is formatted or corrupted.

Let’s start the process for MAC data recovery in windows :

To do it, I am going to use a Free-Ware software which you can find the download link at end of the article.

Please download the software from bottom of this article. Don’t worry ! it is 100% risk free software.

Important : I test this software in Windows XP, 7 and 8. It works fine without any trouble.

Now Let’s go for final adventure :

1. Install the downloaded MAC Data Recovery Software. (Couple of mouse click on NEXT, Install & Finish, installation done)

mac data recovery

2. Connect your Apple MAC Hard Disk to windows computer.

3. Open the installed software name “HFSExplorer” from desktop or start menu from your windows computer.

mac data recovery

4. A new window will pop up.

5. From here click on file and select “Load System file from Device”. Shown in below picture

mac data recovery

6. Computer will ask you to locate the hard disk. Select on Auto Detect and click on Load.

mac data recovery

7. If your hard disk does not have any problem, computer will give you a successful message for detecting the Apple MAC Hard disk. Click on OK.

mac data recovery

8. Now you will able to see the MAC Hard Disk files and folders from windows computer.

MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

To save data from MAC hard disk to windows computer follow this :

9. Select the specific files or folder from MAC hard disk and click on extract.

MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

10. Computer will ask you to locate the location for saving the files or folders.

11. Choose the destination of your computer and click on extract.

MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

12. Computer will ask you about symbolic links. Just click on NO.

MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

13. It will take couple of minute to extract, depends on your files and folders size. When it done, you will get a successful message.

Mac Data Recovery Software for Windows

Job done ! Now you can use apple MAC hard disk files and folders in windows computer.

Watch this Complete video tutorial on MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows

MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows
MAC Data Recovery Software for Windows
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  1. hello! thanks for the article – the only question less explained is ‘how to connect mac hard drive to pc’? thanks – will appreciate quick response!

    1. Hi Sam Mian,

      Most of the MAC Computers are using SATA HARD DISK. So take out the hard disk from MAC Computer and plug in to your another laptop or desktop PC. Don’t worry for the sata cable in desktop computer because Desktop computer has already extra sata cable with PSU.

      See the below picture to get an idea about sata cable

      Sata Cable Connection

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