Hiding Windows 8 Folder

Hiding important folders from guest users is a alternative solution to keep private folder in secret and secure. This option is available from earlier version of Microsoft windows operating system to latest OS such as Windows 8. It is very easy to hide folder in windows 8. If you don’t know how to do, then follow this steps :

1. Login to your windows 8 computer with admin user account.

2. Select the folder to hide and right mouse click on it

3. Click on properties

hide folder in windows 8

4. Folder properties window will open.

5. From Attributes, check in “Hidden”

hide folder in windows 8

6. Click on apply

7. Computer will ask you question saying that “Do you want to apply this change to this folder only, or do you want apply it to all subfolder and files as well?”

If you select Apply changes to this folder, computer will only hide the parent folder. Otherwise it will hide all folders and sub-folders files if you select “Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files”

hide folder in windows 8

8 Click on OK.

Done. Your folder has successfully hidden in windows 8.

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