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Better Ranking in Alexa – Secret Tips by Emdadblog

Alexa is a website traffic data analysis service from Amazon. Alexa was founded in 1996. It is known for its toolbar and website. Alexa provides traffic data, global and local ranking for website. So getting better ranking in Alexa, will help your website more  valuable to your visitors.

As a webmaster we know how important to get better ranking in Alexa and Google. Although Alexa does not help your website to get Better  Page Rank in Google. But it is useful to show your website popularity to your  visitors and connect to social networking media.

In alexa, to get better position I will give you the Secret Tips that work 99.99% for every website.

Follow this simple steps to get better ranking in Alexa :

Better Ranking in Alexa Secret Tips : 1 – 3

i.  First go to Alexa and register your website.

ii. Submit your website URL  and details in Alexa.

Your first step to introduce your website in Alexa is done.

Better Ranking in Alexa Secret Tips : 2 – 3

After submitting your website details to Alexa, login to your Alexa Account and create a toolbar for your website.

i. To create Alexa Toolbar Go to your account dashboard.

ii. You will see a link in dashboard to Create a Toolbar. Just like below picture

better ranking in alexa

iii. Click on Create a Toolbar and configure the alexa toolbar options. You can customize alexa toolbar for your website with many features like Your Own Logo, Link Button, Site Search Feed, RSS Button, Menu Button, for social networking site you can use FACEBOOK and  TWITTER Account. See below picture

better ranking in alexa

iv. Configure the Alexa toolbar and finish the wizard.

v. After finishing your own toolbar just copy Alexa Toolbar html code and paste in your website.

Question : Why you need to create Alexa Toolbar for your website ?

Answer : Alexa toolbar can help your website visitors to write review for your website easily. Review for your website will help to get better ranking in Alexa. And most importantly, your visitors can easily follow you from alexa toolbar for  Facebook, Twitter and RSS Feed.

Better Ranking in Alexa Secret Tips : 3 – 3

Last and most important steps to install alexa toolbar in your computer. You can install alexa toolbar in two ways. Either your own created alexa toolbar or add on for Firefox and Chrome.  If you don’t want to create your own alexa toolbar you can use Official Alexa Add on for Firefox and Chrome.

Question : Why you need to install Alexa Toolbar in your computer ?

Answer : Alexa toolbar helps to collect data for your website activities like website update and search engine optimization. So whenever you are updating your website and doing social bookmarking for SEO, Alexa Toolbar will capture this information and helps to get better ranking.

This secret tips are working  99.99% for my client website. So try today. Within one week, you will get the result for better ranking in Alexa gradually.

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