Facebook Timeline Cover image and its Dimension

Facebook timeline image size

Facebook Timeline, is one of the new features that  you’ll see the ability to add a large “Cover” image in Facebook. You can also see your friends cover images if they already switch to Facebook Timeline.

What is a Cover Image?

The Cover image is the large image that appears at the top of your new Timeline. This is your place to get creative and let your friends and extended community know a bit more about you.

My Facebook Cover Image snapshot

Facebook Timeline Cover image and its Dimension

Facebook Timeline Cover Image Dimension / Size

When you try to upload a new photo for your facebook Timeline cover image, facebook will resized your picture. In Facebook Timeline cover image its better if you use minimum image dimension of 720 pixel wide and 300-350 pixel height with high resolution.

By default your cover images are public just like your profile pictures. This means, anyone can see your Facebook Timeline Cover Image who click on your profile picture.

Facebook warning msg


Note : Still, there is no extra rules for using Facebook Timeline Cover Image except the basic facebook rules. Just for the curtsey Facebook will show a message, when you will try to use facebook timeline cover image at first time like below picture

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    1. Yes, A good cover image can change the impression of first look. It does not matter weather it is used for facebook, personal profile or in CV.

      But because of my bad photography i can’t use extraordinary images for myself.

      BTW, What happen with your website ? you are not updating your website! And why ?

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