Creating New Virtual Machine in Oracle Virtual Box

To create new virtual machine in Oracle Virtual Box, follow these steps:

1. Open Oracle Virtual Box program

Creating new virtual machine

2. From the new window, click on New at top left corner

create new virtual machine

3. Type the Name of new virtual machine; select the operating system and the version. Click on Next,

virtual machine details

4. Select the Memory / RAM size for new virtual machine. Click on Next,

virtual machine memory

5. Select the New Hard Disk size for virtual machine. You will get 3 options :

  • Do not add a virtual hard drive (It will not create any virtual hard drive for new virtual machine)
  • Create a virtual hard drive now (It will create a new virtual hard drive for new virtual machine)
  • Use an existing virtual hard drive file (It will use pre-created virtual hard drive)

virtual hard drive type

As I don’t have any pre-build hard drive, I am going to create a new one.  And I am not going to also use this new virtual hard drive with any other virtual machine software such as VMware or Microsoft Virtual PC. So going to use first option – VDI  (VirtualBox Disk Image). Click on Next,

virtual hard drive type

6. Select the storage option. You will get two option to create new hard drive called Dynamic and Fixed Size.Select the right one which fulfill your need.

virtual hard drive storage type

7. Select the Hard disk size and click on Create,

virtual hard disk size

8. Depending on your virtual hard drive size, it will take time. So keep patience.

creating virtual hard drive

9. After finishing the process of creating Virtual Hard Drive, Oracle Virtual Box will be ready to install Operating system virtually.

oracle virtual machine

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