Change Windows 8 User Account

Microsoft is going to bring another user friendly operating system windows 8 very soon at end of this year. It has already gained popularity from users because of Graphical User Interface and Performance from the released evaluation version. In windows 8, you can easily login to your  computer with microsoft email account, but if you don’t want to use email account, you can change windows 8 user account for login from control panel.

Download windows 8 consumer preview

Download Evaluation Version of Microsoft Windows 8 Release Review

When you are going to use Microsoft Windows 8, you will easily realize the differences between windows 7 and windows 8.

Benefit of Microsoft email accounts is:

Your computer will automatically synchronize your Microsoft mail inbox to PC. It means you don’t need to login your Microsoft mail account separately in web browser. You can easily check your new mail from windows 8 operating system. See below picture

Windows mail check in windows 8 computer
If you don’t want to use your Microsoft email account for login in windows 8, you can switch to your windows 8 pc account easily from settings.

How to change windows 8 user account ?

Follow this below steps to change windows 8 user account .

1. Login to your windows 8 operating system computer and go to Start menu and click on Settings. See below picture

Where is start menu in windows 8
2. From the settings tab click on Change PC Settings. See below picture

How to change computer settings in windows 8
When your PC Settings window open, navigate to Users – – – > Switch to a local account. See below picture.

Find user account in windows 8

Then computer will ask you to enter your Microsoft mail account password. Type the Microsoft mail account password and click NEXT. See below picture

Windows mail password for login in windows 8
Now Computer will ask you to give your user name and password to create windows 8 user account. See below picture

User name & password for windows 8 new user account
After giving your windows 8 user account information successfully, computer will ask you to sign out from your windows 8 computer. Click on Sign out & finish. See below picture

Successfully switching microsoft mail account to local pc account in windows 8
Mission complete. You have successfully switched from Microsoft mail account to windows 8 user account locally.

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