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Nowadays Bootable Windows XP USB Drive media is a popular method to install Windows XP in any computer. It is easy to carry and install Windows XP in non-optical drive supported laptop and desktop computer.

Do you need to use Bootable Windows XP USB Drive?

windows xp usb driveUSB Drive / USB Flash Drive / USB Thumb Drive is a easiest media to carry data here to there. Importantly most of the recent computers have USB port to support USB Flash Drive as plug n play and helps to boot from it.
Core benefits of having Bootable Windows USB Drive in handy are :

  • It is easy to use like plug and play,
  • Majority of computers support boot from USB Thumb Drive,
  • It is reusable. So you can add more data on your bootable windows XP USB drive whenever you need.

How to make Bootable Windows XP USB Drive?

Making bootable windows xp usb drive is not very difficult. It’s very simple and need to follow few steps.

Before we proceed to make bootable windows xp usb drive, we must have:

  • Minimum 1 GB USB Flash Drive
  • Windows XP CD Installation Disk and
  • Win to flash software (portable). Download this software from below box[wpfilebase tag=file id=106 /]

Now let’s start the process:

1. First copy everything from Windows XP Installation Disk to your computer Hard Disk

2. Plugin you USB Drive to Computer

3. Open the Win to Flash Software

4. Click on Windows Setup Transfer Wizard

Bootable Windows XP USB Drive

5. Click on Next,

6. In Windows file path, locate the copied windows xp installation disk files folder from your hard disk and in USB Drive locate the USB Thumb Drive from your computer. So it will look like:

Windows XP USB Drive

7. Read the term and conditions, accept it and click on continue

8. Computer will start the process to make bootable windows xp usb drive.

Making bootable windows xp usb drive

9. When it done, go to the target computer and try to install windows xp from USB Drive.

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