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Bootable Windows XP Flash Drive with silent installation

Bootable windows XP flash drive is easier to install Windows XP operating system rather than CD. It is easy to carry and use. And today, I am going to show you on how to make bootable windows xp flash drive with silent installation.

To make bootable  windows xp flash drive you need this following things :

1. One or Two GB Flash Drive

2. Windows XP Installation Disk or source file.

3. N-Lite software

4. Win-to flash software.

First download N-lite and Win to Flash freeware software from end of this post.(This files are in zip format. Please download and unzip the folder)

Now start to make bootable Windows XP flash drive for silent installation :

i) First install the N-Lite software which downloaded before and start the program. See below picture

bootable windows xp flash drive

ii) Click on Next. Computer will ask you to locate the Windows XP files. You can locate the windows xp file from your CD Rom or from HDD. If you locate the windows xp file from CD Rom, Computer will ask you to choose the location to save the windows xp file. See Below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

iii) Now computer will start to copy windows xp file from CD to HDD. See below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

iv) Click Next twice and then computer will give you option to make your xp unattended istallation. Choose the unattended option and click next. See below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

v) In Next option, from Unattended Mode choose Fully automated and provide your XP serial Key. See below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation


vi) Then click on Owner and Network ID option and give your — Computer Name — Workgroup Name — Full Name — Organization name. After that click on Next. see below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

vii) Computer will ask you for confirmation, click yes. Now computer will start making  xp unattended installation process and after the processing, computer will give you confirmation  message. Click on finish.

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation


Time to make bootable windows  xp flash drive :

The file emdadblog.rar you downloaded and extracted before, go to the Win to Flash folder and open WinToFlash.exe file. Then choose the “Transfer Windows XP setup to USB Drive” and click on RUN. See below picture

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

Now plug-in your Flash Drive / Pen drive to your computer. In Windows source path locate the folder which one we use to make unattended windows xp installation and in USB drive option, locate your flash drive path. Then click run and after completing this process your flash drive / pen drive will be ready to install XP. See below picture.

Make an un-attended bootable pen drive / flash drive Windows XP installation

FAQ : How to configure the computer bios to boot from Pen drive /flash drive ?

Ans : Before you start installing your XP from your USB make sure that your computer support USB to install XP. But most of the recent computer bios support bootable pendrive.

To boot from your USB just plug-in your bootable pendrive to computer and restart your computer. Then Press F9 or F12 key from your keyboard and you will get the option to choose boot from your USB Flash Drive / Pen Drive.

Update : Many of us have asked various question regarding for bootable windows xp flash drive problem.To solve all of your problems, I create a video regarding for silent installation of bootable windows xp flash drive.

Pleas check out this video from below.

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  1. हैलो, मेरा नाम जयन्त है, मैं यु पी से हू। आपका ये पोस्ट बहुत अच्छा है । मेरे पास 6 पीसी है मुझे अक्सर उन्हे फारमेट करना पडता है। मैं इस तरिके से पेन ड्राईव को बुटएबल बनाने की कोशिश कर रहा हू पर किसी कारण से हो नही पा रहा है। क्या आप मेरी मदत कर सकते है।

    • Hi Jayant,

      Thanks for your comment but sorry to say that I don’t understand HINDI writing. If you don’t mind could you give your comment in English. So that I can help you to solve your problem.

      • Hi,

        It really was a very gud artical. I have followed all the steps but still my notebook it not at all booting with USB. It start reading USB & doesn’t show any error but remain in that mode only. Nothing apearing on screen except one blinking cursor. I have tried same setup using other USB also. But results are same. Anything else which can be done? Thanks in advance.

        • Hello Vikas,

          Thanks for posting your problem. Could you copy the source of the XP file in your hard disk and try to make it bootable. Also try to find out does your laptop to boot from USB or not?

    • Hello Devilal suthar,

      If you have any more similar installed xp computer with same configuration then you can try to cloning the whole hard disk with snapshot and implement on new hard disk. To do this it will take only 5 minute.

        • Hi Devilal Suthar,

          First install a fresh windows xp in any computer without installing any driver. Then take the image of entire hard disk. When you will get new computer to install windows xp then restore the previous backup xp to new computer hard disk. After that try to install drivers and other software.

          It will save your time.

  2. Dear Emdad,

    Firstly I give you a brief introduction of myself.My name is Sukanta Bhattacharyya.I love to do r & d on different technologies. I am a tech lover.I was very impressed by the tips you shared here while creating a bootable flash drive.Thank you so much for the tip which really helped me a lot.Now this time I am approaching you with a problem which I believe will only be solved by you.

    My problem is that I can’t create an iso file or image file for my bootable disk.I have all the necessary files and folders which are necessary for creating my bootable CD or DVD.I want to create an iso or image file of Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.5.Without creating an iso file i can’t burn the files on the DVD and use that as my bootable disk…Please guide me.An immediate response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanking you

  3. Hi bro,
    i like ur site and wanna know abt wifi and networking……….
    Cud u plz help in connecting two laptops or systems with the help of wify and without any router.
    and plz tell me, Do i need same windows running on both laptops or different can also work?

    • Hi maddy,

      If you are using same WIFI network connection for your computer then you can easily connect your computers. You can use VPN or Remote connection. Before you start configuring connection between two computers, first try to do ping with your destination computer from local computer. If you get proper replay then your computer is ready for connection.

      You can use any operating system from Windows and you must have admin privilege to make connection between two computers.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi!
    There is a error message each time when copying files to HDD. I/o message copying file. Each time I need to abort the processing. How to fix this one.

    • Hi PK,

      According to your message, may be there is some problem with your XP Disk or CD/DVD Rom, Could you change your XP installation disk and try to copy. Or try to change your CD/DVD rom.

  5. thanks for this tips now i am going to apply this, thanks once again
    please send more tips like this i am computer engineer so i need this new technology
    please send me new this regarding to computer on my email.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing such a good information… I have downloaded the rar file, but when I unzip it, I get file corrupt error. Only one file gets copied i.e. nLite-1.4.9.installer.exe.
    Need your help urgently as my laptop DVD Writer is not working and I need to install XP.


    • Hi Shahil,

      Thanks for your message. Basically it should not give you any error. But i don’t know why you get. Download this file and try to unzip the file with WINRAR or 7z software.
      If you still get problem come back here. I will try my best to short it out.

      Again thanks for visiting my website.

  7. i did everything as mentioned by you but when i boot through my pendrive a black screen comes up with cursor blinking on top left corner of screen with a “J” letter
    nothing happens after this screen comes please help

    • Did you save the windows XP bootable file in ISO format after customizing in Nlite ?

      If not please save the customize windows xp in ISO format. Then open the WinToFlash.exe file and locate the previously created windwos xp ISO file.

      Let me know the update.

  8. I have installed XP using USB-Multiboot_10.exe, but now I can’t use my pendrive; it shows some different bootable drive and access is denied to this drive. i tried uninstalling this drive from dvicMngr but aft restart it is again installed atmcly. pls help me out on this.

    • Hi Bhandari,

      Thanks for your kind message. Do you need to use bootable windows xp pendrive for any others computers in future? If yes then leave it without doing anything. If not then format the USB using NTFS.

      Or you can try to do this .

      1.Right Mouse Click on USB Stick.
      2.Go to Properties
      3. Select Security and set the permission to Full Control from Security TAB.

      Best of luck….

  9. Sir,thank you for your support in making bootable windows xp pendrive.But I am not able to run the pendrive .
    after all processes when I start my computer ,it didnt proceed after pressing F12 and gets off.

    please help

    • Hi Utsav,

      Thanks for your message. F9 or F12 key are quick boot option. And it differs in different computer. So it is better for you if you go into the BIOS by pressing DELETE or F2 key from keyboard and configure the boot option to USB Stick.

      Let me know if you have any problem regarding this issue.

  10. sir i installed XP but just for information do i need to install a new hardware for bootng from USB….
    and one more problem i have installed 2nd os thru CD but I m unable to open my first OS,not even when i start my pc

    • Hi Utsav,

      Boot from USB depends on Motherboard. And for the second problem, your old XP might be overwritten by new one.So it will be difficult to use your old XP operating system.

  11. While I was transferring the Windows XP setup to USB, all of a sudden my laptop came up with blue screen and asked me to restart. After re-booting there is only one partition left on the hard disk. Earlier there was one primary partition and one extended partition (three logical partitions inside it). Now all the three logical partition are not showing in MY Compter, Explorer and Disk Management Utility. It seems that all the logical partitions have been wiped out. The disk Management Utility now shows C : Drive to acquire full hard disk space of 80GB. Please let me know what has to be done as my data is cirtical.

    • Hi Manaswi,

      It seems that your HDD partition index file is corrupted. Don’t do anything with your HDD partition like formatting or re-creating partition again.

      Try to use Active Partition Recovery Soft. This software will help you to restore deleted HDD Partition in previous state.

      If you need more help, knock me here.

      I will try my best to help you.

      Best of luck.

      • Thank you for replying. I used Active Partition recovery software and the scan has resulted in four excellent partitions. (One is the active partition and other three are logical partitions that I lost). Now when I try to recover a partition I get the error message “Unable to recover partitions because it overlaps with other partitions. Please define and delete the existing invalid partitions”.

        Please advise as to what has to be done. Thanks in advance.

        • HI Manaswi,

          In Active Partition Recovery Software you will find some unnecessary partitions. Just try to recover the specific partition which one need. If you are not sure which partition you need, try to recover one by one.

          If you need help then add me to your skype contact.

          I will help you through skype.

  12. hiii i hav only used win to flash software for transfering win xp setup to my pendrive. I’v installed xp using pendrive but the prblm is that my computer is not starting without pendrive it shows an error message saying that some problm is there in harddisk configeration and wen i plug in my pendrive i hav to start it thru some debugging option. how to solve this problem

  13. Hi there! Someone in my Myspace group shared this website with us so I came to look it over.
    I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and
    will be tweeting this to my followers! Great blog
    and fantastic design and style.

  14. hi, i’m sorry but for some reason when i run win to flash i keep getting language error? what did i do wrong, i keep going over your instructions and i did everything to the T. any suggestions? note: i ran it on compatability mode still same results

    • Hi Kai,

      Sorry for late response. I don’t know why you are getting this error. Could you send me some details of your computer such as computer configuration as well as as operating system.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  15. Sir,

    I need to install OS (win xp) through Pendrive.
    So, I want to change a pendrive into Bootable pendrive with win xp.

    how to change a pendrive with win xp bootable pendrive.


  16. Hello Emdad,

    Excellent tutorial,step by step with images and to the point.

    But I want your advice in the following issue.

    The installation disk I have has no keys and it works fine without keys.I have formatted my PC as well as laptop with this many times.

    In the 5th step if I do not provide any key will final bootable flash drive will work?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi NGC,

      Thanks for your nice question. As you have used your own windows xp for several time in different computer without any problem, so i don’t think so you will get any trouble in future also.

      Best of luck.

    • Hello Mr. kamruzzaman,

      Firstly, Its nice to see you at and thanks by heart to visit

      Secondly, i would like to ask you to provide the details about your problem. Because it is not clear what sort of problems you are facing to create Bootable Windows XP flash drive.

      Thirdly, I would ask you, is there any problem if i give your problem solution in this comment sections ? Because the problem you are facing it might be faced by other people or will be in future. So your problem solution could help other people also.

      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.



  17. Dear Emdad, I have downloaded the rar. File and created bootable usb pen drive for window xp 3 using laptop with window seven. It is booting fine on my HCL laptop but is not booting on my old Pentium-4 Intel (R) 845GB (Mother-Board) with 2.39GHz processor. The IDE Hard-Disk (Seagate 80GB) is formatted and blank. But when I boot through my pen drive a black screen comes up with cursor blinking and then nothing happens after the window comes up with “Searching for boot record – USB RMD FDD is ok”. I then used another one computer with window xp but the problem is same. What could be the problem? Please help. With best wishes for “A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR” to you.
    Thanks in advance!
    (Sorry for the poor English)

    • Hi virender,

      Thanks for visiting as well as submitting your problem.

      You mention that your bootable windows xp flash drive is working fine with your HCL Laptop. So it means that there is no problem with your USB Stick.

      If I come to Intel-R 845GB motherboard, i did some googly to find about booting support from external device like USB Stick.

      Unfortunately i could not find any helpful site to make it clear weather your Intel Motherboard support boot from USB Device or not. So I am just little bit suspicious about your Intel Motherboard compatibility to boot device support from USB Stick.

  18. Hi Emdad, Thanks for your reply. As per your reply my PC can boot from USB RMD FDD. And I have selected the USB RMD FDD as first boot device but cannot boot from the USB stick that is working fine with my laptop. But in my pc showing “searching for boot record – USB RMD FDD is ok” and then nothing. I also tried Kokmu-SP-usb software and created bootable USB stick that is working fine with laptop. Then I tried it in my pc and selected the USB device as the first boot device. It worked fine. The next window comes up with the two options (1) GUI MODE AND (2) TEXT MODE. On selecting text mode first the next screen was showing this: – “Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware. Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information”. What could be the problem. Should I update/ Change the BIOS to solve this problem. Please guide me. Thanks in Advance!

    • Hi Virendar,

      Sorry for late replay. To solve this problem you can do :

      1. First update the BIOS of your PC. Then try to install windows XP from USB flash drive. If the problem not fixed then try this 2nd option.

      2. Install the driver of your PC Hard DISK in N-light first, then create the bootable windows XP flash drive.

      Please let me know the update…..

    • Hello Aeeb,

      After copying 100% successfully computer will restart. When restart don’t press any key or choose any option. Computer will start to install Windows XP. Could you tell me what is the brand of your computer and specification ?

      • Frnd my prb is after copying 100% files it restarts and shows me numbr of option firts say text mode second gui mode when goong to first option its says cannot varify c bcos memory low when opting 2nd it goes to previous xp please help my board is asus m2n68 am se2 with dual amd 2.7 and im xp 64 bit.thxxz

        • Hello Azeeb,

          Do you want to install in XP in your computer or just want to replace the old one without deleting. If you want to install fresh new xp, Try to delete the old xp means format or delete the partition in pre-installation windows xp setup mode and try to install again.

          Note : Don’t forget to take backup .

          Or follow this below steps :

          1. Insert the windows xp flash drive in computer and the change the bios setting to boot from usb
          2. When computer will restart, choose option 2 to install windows xp
          3. Delete or format the old hard disk partition
          4. Computer will start to copy files from USB to Hard Disk and Restart
          5. After successful restart, don’t press anything. Computer will prepare itself to install xp and
          6. When you see the windows xp installation wizard follow the instruction.

      • hi emdad,

        my hard drive of desktop computer crashed. I want to use my 16gb usb flash drive as a hard drive, and i want to install winxp on it. Is it possible, if yes how can i do it. I repeat i want to use my flash drive as a hard drive for my computer. Please help

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