Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

Windows 10 was released to consumers almost two years ago. The launch was widely anticipated because the previous version, Windows 8.1, failed to impress users. It had many problems which eventually made Microsoft start working on an improved version. When the new one arrived, PC owners everywhere jubilated. Windows 10 had a lot of new features that were supposed to make the experience much more pleasant.

The most recent release borrowed some of the stuff that was good in versions 7 and 8. The new additions, like universal apps, worked smoothly on smartphones, computers, Xbox One, tablets and other products from Microsoft. The Edge web browser and Task View were also fresh additions to Windows 10. As were new security features for enterprises and support for fingerprint and face recognition login. You could play games without damaging your system’s graphics card.

Ever since it was released, Windows 10 has received many updates. That’s because Microsoft advertised it as being an OS similar to a service. The team who created the new version wanted to decrease fragmentation across the platforms which used Windows as their operating system. Which is why they came up with the ongoing updates. The original release of Windows’ latest OS saw many good reviews. There were, however, plenty of critics who didn’t have positive opinions about it. Likewise, users seemed to have a love-hate relationship with Windows 10. In both cases, the Edge web browser attracted the most negative critics. Poor stability was another issue that affected customers who once decided to update to the new version.

Windows 7’s advantages

Because of these problems and more, many PC users decided to return to Windows 7. This release may be old already, but to a lot of people, it’s so much more stable. Where Windows 10 crashes many times and can’t keep track with simultaneous operations, version 7 functions smoothly. With it on your device, you can perform plenty of activity without worrying that you’ll ruin it. If you’re someone who favors few but strong features over many but not that useful ones, Windows 7 is the way to go. This version may not have updates for your gadget, but it sure is better in more ways than one.

If you decide to go the Windows 7 route, you should definitely consider uninstalling your device’s antivirus. Chances are, it won’t be compatible with the OS version you just chose. Not many security solutions are because they concentrate on gadgets that run Windows 10. Fortunately, there are products made to work seamlessly with version 7. Each of them can offer top-notch protection for your device. Be it a computer, tablet or smartphone. Your device’s system files won’t be affected by security issues. The same goes for its important files, photos, work documents, passwords and so on.

Antiviruses made especially for a gadget that operates Windows 7 have a feature called antiphishing. Every time you use the Internet to shop for things, hackers will try to find your banking details. After they do that, they will steal money from your account(s). Many lives have been affected by this problem. Browsing the World Wide Web is another way to get all kinds of malware on the device you use. If a security product runs on it, though, you’re safe from attacks of any kind.

A free antivirus solution

Kaspersky, BitDefender, and Norton offer some of the best antiviruses around. They work equally well on Windows 7-operated devices. Keep in mind, though, that their products don’t come cheap. If you don’t want to pay a lot for an antivirus and you don’t use your PC for intense activities, a more affordable antivirus is needed. 360 Total Security 2017 is the one to turn to. Here are some of our impressions about this software!

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7
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Best Free Antivirus for Windows 7

The people behind the 360 Total Security 2017 are based in China. The name of the producer is Qihoo 360. Their release is free, and it’s a suite which protects gadgets against rootkits, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms. To do that, it operates on several engines.

Overall, this is a security solution that provides basic safeguarding from malware. The real-time recognition from threats is not perfect, but we’re talking about a free antivirus. Again, if you’re not using a computer or a smartphone for a lot of intense activities, the 360 Total Security 2017 works just fine. For an in-depth review of this Windows 7 antivirus, visit this page.

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