4 Techniques to write a quality Article for your Blog

Quality content is one of the major factors that can improve your website ranking, also google also check content used in your website. Also a good article also helps you to decrease the bounce rate of your web pages. Today we will discuss some top techniques to write a quality Blog post.

1: Remove Grammar Mistakes

Grammar mistakes not only divert your customers from your website but it also decreases your website ranking. According to the Google’s panda algorithm spelling and grammatical mistakes have less authority. So after you finish your writing, Pass full content through a proper grammar checker tools and correct all spelling, grammar and styling mistakes.  You can use any online software for this work, just like Grammarly. Grammarly also provides browsers extensions that help you to check your mistakes in real-time.

2: Check Plagiarism

If you have written a 5,000 words article but that’s copy pasted from other sources then it will not improve your ranking. Instead of it, that will decrease your ranking in the search engines and you can even get penalized by google, bing or yahoo.  Checking plagiarism is not only important for online blogger but is also a need for each and every student who has to submit assignments or papers of thesis. Before you make your post live to your blog, make sure that text in your article must be at least 70% unique and for that 30% search engines recommend to add credit to those sources from where you copied it.  To make your content plagiarism free, use some online plagiarism checker, if you want to stand in the high competition of SEO. Check google’s point of view for duplicate content.

3: Use Media

Using media files like images and Video not only beatify your blog post but it also get visitors attention to the article. Also according to the rough survey 30% of the internet users do not read article only because of the no images or videos in it. Using videos and images in your post also increase time average time spending in your website and that a plus point for your website SEO.

4: Make Points

Sometimes visitors do not have enough time to read full post and they want to get an overview of the topic. So this thing helps those visitors and gave them an extra chance to read that blog post if they found those heading interested.

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